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Best way to get speed

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Ive been shooting bbs almost exclusively. Im working on getting comfortable at 15M My band question is. Ok I know I dont want to overpower and get slap,,, but has anybody ever worked out whether a thin ,say .40 say 3/4 x1/2 is faster ,,, or if a .60 5/16 x 1/4 is . I want to try to find a formula for maximum speed at my short draw. I know short draw is not going to be as fast as a longer one, but it honestly is the only way I enjoy shooting. I guess Im asking is wide and thin, or narrow and thick faster .

I made a super light pouch last night , out of a one layer of a magnetic bb band , and cut shorter. I would guess this gives more fps owing to the lightness. Ive just been using the cheapo 45x12 pouches. just musing, to me its fun to try to figure this out.

I cut some shiper .60 5/16x 1/4 w 6" active, seems to shoot hard , but I have no chrony, so will give it the can paper penetration test tonight. I have long arms , so even my short draw isnt tiny ,. any ideas ,are quite welcome thanks
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Wide and thin is in!

I do have some narrow and thin bands I like, especially for the durability. And it seems like I can get handslap with about any latex, though, LOL!

Lighter pouches are good matches for light ammo. But it's hard to get much lighter than the little microfiber. I know for sure that overpowered bands and heavy pouches are a painful combination. No more of those for me!
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