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Hello everyone.

I am a new slingshot shooter. Not quite a week into it and probably shot around 500 shots so far.

Today, I was shooting at paper targets from 33 ft away. I was getting some center hits, but the target mostly looks like it was hit with a shotgun (holes all over the place).

BUT, later today, I went outside and shot at some cans from 80 ft. After the first couple of misses, I started hitting them pretty consistently, roughly 70% hit rate. I was even hitting the cans when they were on their side with the base or top pointed towards me.

My question is, why is it so hard to get good groupings on paper, but much easier to hit a smaller target even further away?

I guess the answer might by "aim small miss small" but it is kind of perplexing.

I am using 10 meter air pistol targets, so the bullseye isn't all that large at 33 ft.
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