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Hand Plant Wood Finger Gesture

Just finished this oak natty. Compared to most of my builds, this one is huge: 4-¼ inches wide and 6 inches long. But that size works well for butterfly shooting for me.

Plant Wood Gesture Grass Finger

Most of the curve was grown into the fork, although I did emphasize it a bit. The bump at the butt end was originally a side branch. It adds a little visual interest. So do the light colored stripes at the butt. I have no clue what caused them.

Wood Hand tool Tool Horn Trunk

There are holes filled with epoxy and wood, holes filled with superglue and sanding dust all over the place. The radial cracks in the butt were sealed with superglue. Most of the shaping was done with a rasp. The finish is BLO, wiped on again and again and again. That oak was thirsty!

Plant Tree Botany Wood Trunk

I banded it up with Simple-Shot black and it shoots really well for me.

Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Grass Tree

Plant Tree Botany Wood Trunk


1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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