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As a collector of catapults from various vendors,makers etc i decided i wanted a natural to do one thing only,target shooting,i wanted it to fit me and be able to use the same principles advised to me from dgui,ie point it forward,twist pouch ,tweak etc.i went through my fork collection and found this piece of birch,now i know dguis principles apply to all slingshots but i wanted this specifically for that purpose and tweaked it to make it fit right for myself.once the oil has dried and the wax is done it will be banded with single tbg and a small pouch ala gamekeeper john bands,i have made a few pfs shooters and oddly as it sounds this feels in my hands like a large pfs,in the sense that it feels comfortable laying almost flat as advised when shooting a pfs

thanks for looking
Marcus sr


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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