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Hi all,

This is a hornbeam fork that I cut out of a dry branch I found on the ground. I could easily bark it but something in this deep black color prevented me from doing it, so I left it as it is:

Wood Trunk Font Pattern Metal

I only made small interventions such as cutting the slope to the fork tips (where the rubber band will be tied) and some rounding on the other side of the fork tip so that the band does not have much of the contact with it (visible on the sife view of the second pictur below):

Finger Gesture Art Wood Tree

Hand Gesture Finger Thumb Nail

The hue of the bark was somewhat dull so I decided to rub it with my mixture I made from BLO+turpentine+bees wax and it really got some brightness:

Plant Wood Wood stain Tree Font

I banded it with my, presently, most favorable setup: 160mm active band length and 18x12 mm taper intended for 8 mm lead, although the velocity is somewhat lower but this is the only ammo I can cast in this moment:

Shoe Safety glove Dress Wood Human leg

Hand Wood Finger Gesture Street fashion

Hand Finger Gesture Thumb Wood

Since I am chronically left with only one or two operative slingshots at a time, this one is for me.

I hope you enjoyed as much as I did while making it.




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I like it :thumbsup:
Thanks, Old Iowan, I am glad you like it!

Yeah, I could not have peeled that either.
Thanks, flipgun, it is better this way.

Nice and simple, very cool

The archetypal natural!!!! AWESOME slingshot!!!

Some inner tube bands and it would be an old school classic!

Me likes!!! :p

Best regards ...Q
Thank, you, Quercusuber, I am so glad you like it! . I agree about tubes but I always have time to change.

Thanks, bingo!!

That's a cool one.
Thanks, lbojoe!!

Simply perfect slingshot.
Thanks, MOJAVE MO, that's really a nice compliment!

That's a beauty! That hornbeam would make a nice shillelagh!
Thanks, String Slap I am glad you like it. Very good idea with shillelagh, too!

I'll agree with the others, leaving the bark on was a good decision. That's cool!
I am glad you think so, devils son in law, thanks!

I like it, that's a tough call there. Could have gone either way for me.

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Thanks, dogcatchersito. Yes, you are right, both ways are possible but I thought like this: I like it this way but I can always bark it if the future if I want; the other way round is not possible...

Mix up some 5 minute epoxy and cover it and it will stay that way.
Thanks, ghost0311/8541! I was also thinking of something similar: epoxy, CA glue, polyurethane etc. but I have impression that the fork would be a bit too shiny than I wanted.

Very nice!
Thank you SLINGDUDE!
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