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My replacement Black Mambas came from Slingshots USA today. Perfect day for it as well! I threw them on my Bunny Buster and shot a few at a target.
I was hesitant about the pouch because it was plastic but actually liked it. It sits in my anchor point well and if I'm not mistaken the ammo self centers in it. Works out pretty well and I like it. Not sure how durable it'll be as it is plastic, but time will tell.

I like these bands they are pretty good. Really super smooth draw.. The smooth draw of rubber is starting to appeal to me more and more and I like the smoother pulling stuff. These pack some pop too. I shot 3/8 & .44 cal SS thru it. Bigger ammo worked out better.

I loved them but the BB seemed a bit big, so I put them on my Hunter and bingo.. Feels great and smooth shooting. These are pretty good commercial bands and the pouch surprised me. I'm sure everybody won't like it, but I did.

Try em if ya haven't. Just to try the pouch which is interesting. I'd like to see the concensus on that among the community.

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Mar 17 2010 06:53 AM

I like um. They are ultra smooth and so ez to pull and slamin powerful. I remove the plastic pouch and put leather. I dont like the way the bands are tapperd and they are too wide at the ends. No tapper would be fine for me. These bands last and last and last. I find marbles shoot best.
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