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In defense of the manufacturer, when making pouches on a mass scale you get some leather that just don't measure up. The hardest part of making band sets is the leather. If it is too light it will tear and if it is too heavy and stiff it does not work well. They don't have the time to check every piece and tend to rely a lot on there supplier. I try to check my leather with a strength and stretch test very often, but I know that one gets by me once in awhile. I have more comments on my leather being too heavy that it tearing, but it is a very tenuous part of the process of making good pouches. I tend to use quite a bit of the leather I buy for leather in other projects because it just does not make a decent pouch. Leather just tends to have flaws that are hard to detect. Then there are those that are selling just for the quick buck and don’t care what they put out. Thank goodness they are in the minority. Leather problems are one of the reasons that Saunders Archery has spent so much time and money developing a synthetic pouch. Other reasons are it makes a water proof pouch every one of them shoots very much alike. -- Tex
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