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When Tony the Slinger pm'd me to let me know that I won this amazing frame I was stunned.
Tony this is some awesome craftsmanship! I've always admired your work but never thought I'd ever hold one in my hand. Wonderful wood choices inlayed on a split frame. Very strong very classy and a perfect size for me. It's profile is made for my hand. I'd make it a shelf queen if it didn't shoot so darned good.
I really hope you raised the money for the repairs on your church.
Thanks a million my friend! Anything you need let me know.


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Fantastic slingshot for a very worthy cause. I suspect that Tony the Slinger prefers that you shoot it as opposed to displaying it. Excellent shooting! You are way more disciplined that I am. I would have kept shooting until the target was shredded.

My imaginary doctoral dissertation, "The Psychology of Shooting," includes an imaginary chapter on the effect of a custom slingshot on accuracy. My imaginary thesis for the imaginary chapter of my imaginary dissertation, is that shooting with a custom slingshot enhances concentration resulting in improved form, steadier hold, and more consistent target acquisition.

I respectfully submit that lbojoe and Tony the Slinger irrefutably prove my thesis.

Blue Raja, PhD (imaginary)
Oxnard University
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