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Greetings SlingshotForum friends!!!

Tonight I was busy making new blowgun darts with some brass tips.

I've received these handmade tips from Scotland. They were given to me by the forum member Trap1

THANK YOU so much for your generosity and kindness, my friend!!! :wave:

I've cut some bamboo dart tips and replace them with the brass tips (they're not pressure fitted, so I've used some epoxy glue)

A video will follow shortly, after the epoxy glue is properly cured.

I'm very curious about the performance of these brass tips. In the mean time, they remember me arrow field tips, medieval type ones.

Best regards ...Q

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Nice . What size are the bamboo shafts you use ?
Greetings Treefork!

I'm using 25cm bamboo skewers. I left those darts long on purpose, because I have to re-sharpen them every shooting session.

They usually fly well until 16 or 15cm. Shorter than that, you'll have to replace the skewer.

With these tips, they're about 21cm long.

Cheers ...Q
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