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As you guys know, I had the amazing pleasure of doing a build swap with Chris. And let me tell you what I got is unbelievable!! When he mentioned he had a yew fork I was all over it, my favourite bow being an elb I thought how awesome to have a yew slingshot.

It's beyond any expectations, the fit and finish on this frames is so perfect!! Plus he also sent another really cool little cup natty as well as elastic, and a bunch of other sweet stuff. As well as a beautiful little burlap bag that fits the flip oh so perfect :)

Thanks so much My friend, I couldn't be happier. Plant Wood Trunk Sculpture Artifact
Wood Natural foods Vegetable Natural material Fashion accessory
Dress Wood String instrument Fawn Musical instrument
Wood Hat Human leg Personal protective equipment Bone
Wood Body jewelry Fawn Artifact String instrument accessory
Hand Wood Finger Gesture Thumb
Wood Gesture Road surface Finger Asphalt
Brown Wood Jewellery Fashion accessory Metal


1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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