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when did you here of proxxon I haven't heard of it before.
There is a guy I subscribe to on youtube that is a wood carver (chainsaw/arbortech etc.), and I saw him using one with a carving attachment. I asked him about it and got a detailed response, this followed with a considerable amount of research. Then I was at a random workshop a while back looking for timber and the guy had both a Dremel and a Proxxon, I was instantly convinced. Dremel relies on good quality and heavy marketing, Proxxon doesn't need the marketing, its very much an industrial Dremel. And over the years of working on engines I have always used a small Dremel style tool for grinding, I have tried many different brands of bit and attachment. Nothing comes close to the Proxxon for lifespan and quality.

I have no affiliation with them, just my honest opinion from experience. I will get one when I can afford it, or when my current tool burns out, whichever comes first.
I like chainsaw carving, it's just amazing what they can do, it looks quite bulky or is it smaller than it looks.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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