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Terry Taylor started shipping his newest version of the BoneGrip slingshot after Christmas and mine just arrived. It's a gem.

Terry has earned kudos for his PFS version, and this shooter is only going to burnish his reputation for outstanding workmanship casting great resin slingshots.


I chose a camo version. He's currently offering a number of colors and casting them on demand.

This shooter is about 5 inches high, and has a overall fork width of 4-1/2 inches. The gap is almost 2-3/8 inches. Forks are low: less than an inch from the yoke, and about 1-1/2 inches above the web of the holding hand. The unique grip style fits me - and most people it seems - like a glove.

I got the visual impression that it was a bulky slingshot, and it won't fit in the pocket of your jeans easily. But the pocket of my zippered hoody handles it just fine, as do cargo pockets . I shot well with this BoneGrip as soon as I banded it up. I used a set of target bands I had assembled earlier, but Terry included a couple of Rayshot's Super Sure pouches and bands as well.



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