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Bottle cap & 30 m

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Trying new bands and pouch too :)

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Great shot!!

Thanks vince 4242 :thumbsup:
Awesome video
Thanks Tag :)

So fun to try new stuff.
That's great! This is clearly not without the help of Yumala! :)
Thanks Valery :headbang:

I think I need all the help I can get :p
What a shot! That's awesome my friend
These long distance shots are so nice.

Thanks Ibojoe :thumbsup:
I struggle at 10 meters and there you go, cutting cards at 20 and hitting bottle caps at 30 Awesome! You should go for bigger targets at sniper distances like 100 meter.

Thanks Mathis :thumbsup:

I use quite much time to tune bands to shoot as I want, that can be one reason.
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1 - 8 of 16 Posts
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