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My Boss at work is big into the Scouts and I did approach one of the Scout leaders that speak at the schools about Slingshots but either one was too receptive about the idea. I think it also has a lot to do with geography. Anything even remotely related to weapons (especially Slingshots) is looked at as trouble waiting to happen. It was even that way around here when i was a kid-and that's going back a bit! Flatband

Thats sad that's the perception of slingshots in some areas of our country or the world for that matter. I think as enthusiasts it's up to us to educate and demonstrate and do as much as we can to change the perception. Tom is doing something awesome for exposure. I hope this kind of stuff continues. It's what we need to revive interest in the sport. Something I think that is a possibility as 2nd Amendment rights are attacked and shredded by the minute it seems.
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