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Bragging rights!

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The first picture shows the remains of a can that I beat up last night using a new pouch grip (more on that later!), but that's not what I'm bragging about. My 7 year old son's interest in slingshots fades in and out. Tonight he asked if we could shoot, so of course we did just that. He shoots the little bamboo cutting board gapper pictured, with rubber ball ammo. He just naturally shoots a somewhat semi butterfly style. I coach him on the fundamentals, but mostly let him have fun. Tonight he was shooting at that sliver of a can and coming really close! I tweaked his release a bit and he hit it. I said "don't move" and quickly handed him another ball and told him to do the same exact thing. He hit it again! I don't know which one of us yelled the loudest! He took a couple more shots and was so close that if it was a more complete shape he likely would have hit it. Then he hit it for a third time! I think he was getting a little fatigued and started to send shots wide, so we quit before he got discouraged. A great bit of father and son time. Hope he wants to shoot more often now!

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Nice job. It's always better when you share with someone.
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