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Just bought my first slingshot last night after weeks of watching videos. First let me explain why I started ..

I've always wanted to get into archery since I was a kid but I grew up in Boston MA . No real place to
Shoot so I never did. . Well now I live in south Mississippi and figured why not try again ... nope closest range is over an hour away and with my work schedule ... it's definitely not doable.

I have been watching the Alone series on history channel and got to season 3 .. which of course he has his slingshot with him .. which got me thinking ... this could be a good alternative since you don't need free range more then 30-40 feet ... looked up a lot of videos and watched every video on his YouTube channel as well as the SimpleShot channel ..for weeks I've been deciding which slingshot to get ... so last night for Christmas I ordered a Scout LT with the ammo pouch and holster from Redford leather , 1500 steel ammo between 8mm and 3/8. 3000 clay ammo as well as a catch box , extra handsets and targets and this week I am
Buying myself a GoPro , my goal is to film my progression from being an absolute newb up to the southeast slingshot tournament and enter it .. going to document on a YouTube channel my development as a shooter and hopefully show improvement ... I can't wait to get to know the people in the community as well as get better with a slingshot .

Thanks for reading ,, any tips
For a newb will always be helpful .
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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