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Breaking in bands (Pre-stretch)

In the interest of making the subject clearer with a better title, I will credit the original subject Band Warm Up? by Biker_Bob.

The best comment by treefork;
"Brand new never stretched latex needs to be pulled about ten times to break it in and loosen it up . Think of new latex balloons which are next to impossible to inflate by mouth unless pulled several times to soften the latex . After latex break in I think it's more our muscles that need to warm up before shots get on target than the latex warming up . "

This is a great tip that has helped a lot. Thankyou treefork and Biker Bob.


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You know this is something I knew about, but I’ll admit, haven’t ever done. Thinking about it now though I probably should. About the most I do is stretch to my anchor point after tying everything up to rule out immediate catastrophic failure. As I think someone also stated above.
Thanks guys for bringing this up though, because I’ll definitely put it into practice.
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