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Ok guys building a front porch
And I must be sick
Does it not look like I have two big
ass-slings as my base for the porch . I will add sticks to fill the gaps like the pic .
But sling nevertheless !!!!!!!

Oya I don't know how to build anything !!!
Never been a Carpender , car Engine no problem brakes no problem drug house no problem knives no problem
cutting a wood straight big problem !!!!!! :)
Butt !! and it's as big as my ex wife's butt
There is no one here to tell me I'm screwing it up so it's all OK
Rain day so "can't work " fever running high today pocket predator second shot 50 yard gong so took it out for a walk with Nugget
Cont hit a damm thing lol so today is Gallery day it's opfs and @Bone flex i'm telling you guys if you put one of those bone flex in your hand you will never shoot another pfs slingshot the same I love tradition and love the 0PFS but the flex hides in your hand just as well fork hit not even a problem if u do hit it just makes a thump noise you really don't even feel it
Unless it's the 9.5 going into your knuckle Lol
Honestly guys I have the regular PFS and the flex ,regular doesn't get used as much
I'm getting fair to Midland with the 0PFS
But the flex is one step ahead of the game .
There isn't an OPFS I don't like except for a @Dugi don't think you could trade me three of them for a flex
So another look at my isolated world !!!
It's gonna be nice gonna making log chairs & bench to have my coffee out there in the morning , raining today and my front door entryway is dry for the first time in six months . With slingshots as a porch
Wood Tree Agriculture Shade Landscape

Going to have sticks fill in the gaps like this
Wood Fence Plant Shade Tree

Butt " a big butt like my ex's
Today is about learning to carve this in a g10 opfs bill hays sent me
Wood Art Font Artifact Automotive tire

Tableware Wood Automotive tire Kitchen utensil Bone

With barbed wire roses around the edge carved in all tinted in black Lol
I don't know how to do any of that but I am going to try
Just thought I'd give you a glimpse of my isolated world I love it .


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My man cave
When I get a well I really don't need a house
Butt yes log cabin 3 bedroom lol I m having a hard time with the dog house !!!!
Like Nugget would sleep anywhere but on the bed next to me but it will look good out there lol
.t Cloud Sky Plant Tree Building

And does anybody know where I can get a framed little foot like this
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A aluminum template that's real size would work I could get some bocote and make one ,but I can't seem to get one made with the colors I want when I want so I have to try to buy a used one been looking for that red one but I'm open as long as it's a real littlefoot but I would like to trade sell bye have sex with someone for a used ott repeats ott
I have the littlefoot ttf in hdpe love it top three for speed fast flipping tied tubes on the ttf and it works great so over-the-top littlefoot also trueblood also was a name I saw connected with this style even though I know it's you shoot your eye out littlefoot I want
And ok this is a picture of me that way if sex was your only option this might take that off the table
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Ya nugget hates his new sling porch
. Plant Bird Window Wood Building

Just got to trim front the add stick put top on red barn paint done
Next week the rest of the entryway it takes a long time I have to harvest the wood from this and will only use some just outside "smells" bad the inside wood but food wood good . it's only cost me one bruised Shinn so far but for 1000 worth of free decking water tank stand roofing I would let someone hit me in the shinn with a board lol yes so hard it almost put me down lol
Got real religious was talking to God oh gIs o god

Wood Hardwood Wood stain Plank Tree

Cloud Sky Plant Window Building


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