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On the drive home today a rabbit ran across the road. I pull over and followed it into the bush about 30 or so feet. I had my birch natty in the car with me but I didn't have any ammo in my pocket. So as I stalked across the gravel road bed on the ditch edge I kept an eye out for a heavy fairly round rock. Found one!

This was not the brightest of rabbits, I got to about 10 feet. The rock hit the neck. It was a pretty young and skinny snowshoe hare but there were no worms or anything that made me reluctant to eat it.

I found the rock about 10 feet away. It broke the skin and crushed the impact side neck. The rabbit went maybe 3 hops before laying down.


This is my first kill with stone ammo. It is pretty cool. But I think I will stick to lead or steel or marbles in the future.

Thanks for looking.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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