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Busy Week

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I've been doing a little lead casting, and now have 900 .375, about 200 .44 and 150 .50 cal balls. I finally figured out that my Lee melter doesn't get hot enough to adequately heat up the Do-It gang mold, though it works fine with my two Lee double cavity molds. I have a two burner portable propane stove that gets plenty hot, though, so now that I reached my goal on .375 balls, I'll be casting .44 and .50 later this week. I now have my grip and arm strength built up enough to comfortably shoot my more powerful slingshots, so I plan to fling a lot of .50 calilber. Maybe later this week I'll take some speed measurements on my 4-tube Theraband Yellow with the 175 gr .50s. I'm betting somewhere close to 175 fps. My goal is 200 fps+ with .50 cal lead. Wish me luck.

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Jul 11 2011 08:16 AM

Good luck! I hope you can get to 200+!
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