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The Cherokee Indian tribe alone was 729,000 strong. I think that if they wanted to comb the woods for Robin and his boys, they would probably find them in their 1.63 square mile forest rather quickly. Unfortunately, If you were referring to comparing their accuracy with a bow, they did not use written language and anyone who's skill might have rivaled Robins has not been written. You would think that it would be an unfortunate venture to go out and hunt a herd of buffalo without being accurate though, wouldn't you? I'm not saying you're wrong, but it seems like your comparing Ted Bundy to the Boogy Man. One has a very clearly defined if somewhat glorified reputation, the other has no accurate recording in history, but a reputation anyways.

Sorry to offtrack the thread...

Here's a link to buy some yew.
English Yew

The only place I could find Osage Orange in anything other than pen blanks was on ebay.
Are there any advantages to using these bowl kits in making slingshots?
Bowl Tuning kits
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