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Canadian Newbie

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Hello everyone, I am an American living in Canada. They are soooooooo strict on owning weapons of any type here in Canada. Back home in Florida I had guns and bows of every type. Canadians seem to get nervous when I say I miss my "toys", so I decided to go back to my first "toy", as it would not scare as many people. An old man taught me to shoot and make slingshots when I was around 10. By the time I was 12 or so he told me he thought that he had made a big mistake showing me how accurate they can be. Don't get me wrong, I don't and didn't kill anything indiscriminately, I ate everything I killed and still do. I did however give the ducks and dogs and gators around my home all kinds of grief with little stinging shots. Now, I just want to make a nice slingshot and see if I can get my young eye back...
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Hey mate! Welcome to the forums

Although it may not appear so immediately, this is actually a very friendly bunch of people. I guess a lot of people have been busy with celebrating and recovering.

Good to hear you've been into it for a while.

I have been shooting the things for over 25 years now but as of a few months back was a complete incompetent noob when it came to making them.

With the information I have picked up from these forums and many a guiding hand from it's members I am now turning out items I'm rather proud of. So much more satisfaction in building and shooting something I have made vs handing over a bit of cash for the commercial ones.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

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