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Carbon Fiber Darts (homemade)

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I have been seeing lots about carbon fiber darts being made, so I deciced to try and make my own. First I bougth 4mm x 2.5mm x 200mm carbon hollow rods from At full length they weight 4.50 grams with the a nail in the front end and a stun dart cone. I was looking to match the Razor darts weigth (4.80 grams). So I bought the 5mm x 2.5mm x200mm carbon rods and found that when I cut them down to 120mm long they matched the Razor darts weigth.

All the darts shown in the picture are between 4.50g and 4.80g and all have the same flight path with a steady blow.

I finally got a windy day and I was feeling good, so I got to test the 3/16" dowels against the carbon darts today. As I guessed the carbon darts with the weighted front end flew straighter and more true in the 10+ mph cross winds. Without any wind the wooden dowels fly as true as the rest.

The carbon fiber hollow dowels are the perfect match for me, I found some nails that were a tiny bit too big to fit in the carbon rod so I sanded down half of the nail so it would slide in very snug without any glues and since the front end of the nail was its full diameter the nail won't get pushed all the way in. The CS Stun cones need only a 2mm strip of masking tape for a tight fit with the 5mm rods and the 4mm carbon rods need a little more tape for a tight fit.

Flight path of the shorter 5mm darts is not quite as good if I mess up my hold or shake while blowing. When my form is right on they fly perfectly. With the longer 4mm carbon darts I feel I have a little more wiggle room on form. I can be a bit sloppy and they still fly straight to the target.

The 5mm carbon darts almost the same length as the Razor dart so it is good for me to get my form perfect for hunting. I am retiring my 3/16" dowels for now since I have 16 carbon darts and I need to take a break after them to catch my breath and keep my form. I am very happy with the way these carbon darts fly and are perfect for practice...and they will never go out of true!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!!



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