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Hi all

Had a walk around a carboot last weekend and found two nice knives for very little money!! (£35 each!)...

I managed to lose the smaller Enzo (Trapper) before I got back to the car but luckily I remembered where i'd stopped to look at some binoculars, Asked the stall holder and a lady handed it over saying that he shouldn't leave such things on the ground!! :rofl:

The larger antler knife I was informed was made by a chap that was buying the blades in from Pakistan and passing them as his own forged material, He's been called a conman on many knife forums a few years ago but in reality it's a very well put together knife and seems to cut great!!





I bought this rehandled Nowill Bowie from the same bootsale four or five years ago, I bought three or four different knives for about £12 or £14, Just got round to cleaning it up and reducing the thickness of the antler although I thing i'll drill the rivets and redo it as it's strange with no knuckle guard!!




John :wave:
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