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i ve started making my own lead ball ammo by melting it and casting it.

i've also learned a LOT from doing it. This may help some, and just be informational and entertaining to others.

I bought a Lee brand lead pot and a Lee double lead mold.

The mold is .490 caliber, approx 170+ grains. Watched many how to videos and read a lot before doing it.

What i learned is that the Lee smelter/melting pot with the spout at the bottom is easier than the scoop method of using a lead ladle and spooning it out and pouring it into the mold.

I didn't have cooking spray to use for my mold but found furniture polish works well as a release agent.

WATER: Dont get any near the molten lead. Trouble will follow.

Learned how necessary it was to get the mold up to temp also by setting it on the melter.

Also if you cast insufficiently and don't fill the mold, just melt it and redo.

here are some early versions and a final good one which turned out well in about 30 min of experimenting. It's quite fun and fast.

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