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Hi there folks,
I shot at a can once and hit the top center part. The can just fell off. Look at the pic. The can is still good to shoot but i can't hang it in the catch box anymore. What do you guys do about this?
Also, the shirt I put inside the box to catch ammos always tends to fall off the string i put it on. Any trick to fix this?
Thank you very much and happy shooting
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Does not take long to realize the tabs don't work well. Be creative and don't worry that there is a right way or wrong way. Lots of people use homemade wire clips that fit in the opening. Some people take an office paper clip, remove the wire handle and use it in the opening. But I like to just take a scrap piece of electrical house wire and poke a hole. Works well and make nice looking pictures when you cut a can.

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Would something like this work as an idea to save time making holes in the can to attach?

Just thinking off the top of my head.

Maybe need some modification.

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This is exactly what I use. They hold on pretty tight and last for ever. I did not need to modify mine, I just hook the ends of the hook in the mouth of the can. :)
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