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Chained rubber band test conclusion.

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Over the past couple months I have done a ton of testing with chained rubber. I finally found a fast configuration. See my posts and other information regarding that in this thread .

Now I bought some #64 bands from staples. My first band set up lasted a whopping 350 shots and none of the rubber even broke (but was coming close). The next two bands i made lasted barely 100 shots. I am not sure what went wrong on the last two.

Dayhiker sent me a bag of some higher quality #64 bands. They pull harder so I had to add another link in the chain to achieve my draw length. The performance of the two is about the same. The bands Dayhiker sent me however are much more durable. I have not broken them yet but only have about 200 shots on them.

The following company makes high quality bands that are made in the USA. I believe they are the same as what Dayhiker sent me. Check them out here . They are only $4 on amazon for an entire pound of them. This is cheaper than the staples rubber which was $2 for a 1/4 pound. However I have not calculated shipping.

In conclusion I say that chained rubber is an excellent source of bands. They are quick and easy to make, can shoot pretty fast, and are accurate. No cutting or tying involved. I will be buying from Alliance rubber, however if you are in a pinch the staples stuff works well too.
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I have 32's and 64's made by Alliance (Pale Crepe) that i bought from Mcmaster Carr, I also got a coupel boxes of #107's, those work well for cheap flatbands.

Anyway, RM so you are not knotting them together like nico does, but are looping them together?

When i try knotting them, (it's not really a knot, but when you do the loop and pass it back through and pull tight, whatever that is called) i get some tearing of the rubber bands near the "knot". should i be wettign the bands with soemthing first?

thanks, Dan.
These are the product numbers for the "Natural Rubber" bands from Mcmaster Carr. These are the Alliance bands.

Size 32: 12205T54
Size 64: 12205T55
Size 107: 12205T85

When i placed my order it was for 5 pounds of product and shipping cost 5.31. And Mcmaster has extremely fast shipping, i got it next day.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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