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Cherry wood OTT beast. The NoMaHa DD 2.0

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Made this one from a spalted cherry trunk for a barter trade with a friend.

took about a total 14 hours of carving and sanding in all over many days and shoots like a dream!

It is probably my favorite one so far and was a bit hard to let go of it. :)

Using my trusted Mora knife a few files and sandpaper.

finished it with yacht varnish.


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Carving that fork with a Mora knife is an achievement. Lots of work involved.
Yeah, but I do love the process of shaving off bits of wood to get to the desired shape.

I appreciate people use belt sanders, but I prefer to treat my slings as sculptures.
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Beautiful., and hard core hand carved! :bowdown: Nice work.

Sanding is addictive, this forum is a good support group.

Other than shooting, this is my favorite part of the game.

Sanding is very therapeutic, so not surprised its addictive.
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