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My first post here!
I'm a slingshot newbie, but reckon I now have a favourite design : Mule by Toddy.

I liked the look and found I had a piece of aluminium just big enough. But before using that decided to try one straight from a board.
During initial shaping it split a little - the wood was ever so dry.
To add a bit more support I epoxied in some dowels.

Main tools: bandsaw, router, cylindrical sanding thing for a drill.
I finished with 2 coats of linseed oil filled by wax polish.

The pouch is leather from an old shoe. The bands are from parcel bands from Chinese shop. Incidentally, I also got some great white glass marbles (curiously in the pet section, aquarium decorations?).

I'd already made one from a natural fork, but this mule is much more comfortable in the hand. I've only tried a few shots (it was going dark) but it seems potentially really accurate (I need practice!).

I tapered this one a bit from handle to fork. For the aluminium-cored one I reckon I'll swell & curve the handle a bit more.



1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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