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Slingshots have been an industry in China for several years.Thousands of companies work together to make slingshots and accessories, worth at least a billion dollars a year.Every big slingshot tournament, there were enterprises to participate in the exhibition, not only for showing new products, but also for cooperation between enterprises to negotiate.Obviously, the specialization and commercialization of slingshots are mutually reinforcing. Btw,modular production can greatly reduce research and development costs and improve product iteration efficiency, which has been fully reflected in China's mobile phone industry. The slingshot industry has only borrowed this mature experience.

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Interesting. Slingshot shooting appears to be a national sport in China. GZK, I have a few questions for you:

- What proportion of all slingshots manufactured in China are exported?

- Which are the main slingshot brand names in China?

- Which are the main foreign markets for Chinese slingshots?

- How much does the average Chinese slingshot buyer spend on a slingshot?

- What is the most preferred slingshot design in China?

. What is the most preferred slingshot fork width in China?

- How many slingshot shooters actively take part in clubs and competitions in China?

- What is the average age group of most slingshot shooters in China?

- What is the most preferred steel ammo size in China?

- What is the most preferred band thickness and length of Chinese slingshot shooters?

- How are slingshots viewed from a legal point of view in China i.e. are they classed as weapons like in some countries?

I Look forward to reading your answers...thanks.
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