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The purpose of todays test was to try and better understand what band thickness and tapers suit what size BB's. It's a well known fact that many people over band their cattys thinking it gives them more power. So out with the chrony to measure FPS, and out with the luggage scales to measure the draw weight.....

I figured it a good reference point to post the results as it may be of use to some folk who don't have access to a chrony or scales etc.

The set up
I use Wasp slingshots, Uniphox and Wolf.
Bands i use or have used are GZK, Sumeike, TBG (Theraband Gold).

Chrony on camera stand, and a set of luggage scales to measure draw weight.
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So what was the test?

  • BB of 6, 8, 9.5mm
  • Various bands and tapers
  • Measure FPS
  • Measure draw weight
  • 3 shots with each variable

Weather was 13c, dry, bright, no wind.

I have a draw length of 76cm and use a 4.75 ratio, so active band length is 16cm. Draw weight was taken at 76cm. I shoot fixed anchor.

The results:
What to make of the results?
To find the right band thickness and taper, first look at at the BB size you want to use, then you're looking for high FPS readings. But also pay solid attention to the draw weight, as example, try holding a 6mm BB on a draw weight of 4.9kg and you'll see just how unfcomfortable it is.
Below i have highlighted the set ups i will likely use from now on, or until i do more testing with more taper variants.
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Hope this is interesting to some... and maybe a good point of reference if you don't know what bands to cut and match to which ammo.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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