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I tried clay and have mixed emotions. That I bought from Dankung is amongst my favourite ammo. The earlier clay was cheaper than what the sell now. Fortunately I haven't had to resupply as I stocked up well. The earlier, and I assume is still the same, shattered on impacting a hard surface making it safe in an urbane environment. I can shoot at a window pane with no damage to the window. I tried to make some and ordered clay from Amazon. Evidently I ordered the wrong clay. That made balls as hard as a rock, which is great for those wanting hard ammo. As hard as those balls were they were lighter for their size than I normally shoot, something that I didn't like. When I exhaust my current supply I think that I'll reorder from Dankkung. They work great for pest control and ricochets are none existent.
If you want the clay more "shatter'i" mix some sand with it
Gives some more wait and takes a bit of the long lasting out
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