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I received small plastic bags with clay ammo with some Chinese slingshots ordered at Aliexpress a while ago: unfortunately, its diameter (caliber) tends to be rather varied (even Italian noodles are more consistent :naughty: ), which is not ideal in terms of overall performance.

The sample of "Clod Poppers" I received from Saunders a while ago is a totally different story: it is very well made with regard to its perfect spherical shape and caliber consistency, and has a relevant weight that allows it to perform efficiently further downrange too.

It can be used as reusable training ammo on soft targets (e.g. corrugated cardboard target against suspended towels), and makes a nice cloud of dust when it hits hard objects.

This is definitely the one to go for on the US market in my opinion.
Thanks, I will definitely give them a try.
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