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Went camping last weekend to escape the heat and wanted to shot. I made a heavy nylon catchbox with PVC supports. I hang it from the trees and it folds up to a very small size. It is a 26" cube and really works well, the only thing is it moves with the wind and it makes aiming more of a challenge. But as my lady says "your food isn't always going to sit still for you while your aiming". Shot over 200 3/8" ammo and lost 2 balls in the dirt....pretty cool and lots of fun in the mountains!!

The slingshot is a D1 from, it has adjustable fork tips and the head is made of Titanium. Such a solid and well made slingshot....well worth the $50 it costs. I will put a link below to a review from Catapult Carnage the review starts at about 8 minutes. I Love this slingshot!!

Link to the review:




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