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"Commodus" - Carved from Karelyan Birch

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The shop where I buy my exotic wood added a piece of imperfect birch to my shipment, for free.

I decided to make a slingshot from it, what else! It is carved from one piece. Finihed it in oil to highlight the grain. I think it came out pretty good!

The fork is narrow, but that is hardly relevant, as my stickshot clearly demonstrated.

I named it "Commodus", because it reminds me on the wooden sword from "Gladiator". You know, the old gladiatar got it from Cesar as a sign that he was released from slavedom.

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Beautiful grain, the carving really brings it out nicely. Well done.
Instant artifact.
Hey, that is a great catty. Reminds me of the one you made in antler and metal. Love how the reduced size and grain make for a distinctive catty with a nice formed handle.
hey Joerg, since it's imperfect you can send it to me so it doesn't bring down the rest of your collection
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The wood block was imperfect insofar as it was not an even block. There was bark on one side. Probably a leftover part.

Now of course there is no more imperfection! So I don't have to come back to your generous offer. :)

worth a try anyway
great work as usual!
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