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Comparing ammo drop at longer ranges

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I will try to be as concise as possible - apologies for the long winded theoretical question...

Lets say we have a bandset that shoots 6mm steel at 250fps, and also shoots 8mm steel at 200fps. I think this is reasonable...

The faster traveling, lighter ball will loose less height at least at shorter ranges - but, because it's lighter and traveling faster, it looses more of its speed as it travels.

The question is, at how long a range is the drop of the heavier 8mm ball (that is initially traveling slower) equal to the drop of the lighter 6mm ball?

Alternatively, is there a simple trajectory-plotting software for spherical objects?

I'm trying to figure out if this distance has practical application in ammo choice - given a bandset of desirable draw weight.

Thank you!
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I don't have a detailed answer for you but do know that there are good ballistics calculators out there that can even account for the ballistic coefficient of a spherical ball. I bet somebody here will chime in with a more precise answer, maybe even a good rec for an easy to use ballistics program.
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@jazz Fantastic video, thank you for sharing! Really cool for the geeks that enjoy the sciency mechanistic type stuff, and all the technical complexities, that make slingshots work.
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This may be just what the Dr ordered. Used it years ago, not sure if it is up and running now ;- )


Update, yes it is up and running although it is a little quirky ;- )

So I spent some time using this ballistic calculator and absolutely LOVE it! Easy to use but still has all the necessary adjustment features (ammo diameter, ammo weight, sight height- play with this a while to make it equiv to fork width, starting velocity, etc.). Also one of the simplest bal calc's I have found. An excellent tool for predicting trajectories for slingshot balls.
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Thank you all for your input! I've found what I was looking for. I've played with the muzzleloader online tool as well - thank you wll!

I'll download and play with jazz's software tonight. Being a geek myself, I enjoyed the video too...

Northerner's practical experience was very useful - if you want to reach longer without adding weight to your draw, use lighter ammo.

High Desert Flipper, what sight height value are you using in the simulator?

Thanks to everyone again.

I am dividing fork width by 2 for the sight height in the simulator- I think this is close for initial angle of elevation at release when using an anchor that is close to eye level or just a bit below. The results the calculator give from this are good matches for what I have been seeing while testing different fork widths.
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