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I have heard it said by some, if I could just drive out John Doe, I could sell a lot more. When I worked on the road as a wholesaler selling pocket knives, hunting knives , sharpening stones and other items to mostly small town ranch, feed, and hardware stores I learned something. Not being the most intelligent person, I had to have someone point it out to me. I had this account in a small town of about 1,500 and another store in that town contacted me to buy knives, so I mentioned it to my account (a older and very wise man) and told him that I would not make a second account in that size of town. What he said to me was shocking. He said "make that one and here is another store that you could sell to just don't sell the same line to them as me." I said would that not hurt his business and he said that he appreciated me as a wholesaler but I did not understand how business worked. He said "when you have competition selling the same items, but different lines you generate more interest, so more sales." He said "do you think that you would sell more cars in a city if there were only Fords." He also said
"that guys like to think that they have the best, so they will buy a different line just to be able to say that." After that I started watching different towns with similar demographics. What I observed was that the towns where I had multiple accounts (there were very few other wholesalers working the road in my area) each store sold a lot more knives than a store in towns that had only one account. I think that slingshots and a lot of other products are a lot like knives. Just look what has happened to the slingshot business since there has been a lot more competition enter the field. It is booming again. So my point is, don't wish that you competition fails, but thank your maker for him. -- Tex

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Feb 21 2013 05:24 PM

Tex, thanks for taking the time to say this. I believe you are correct. Hope you have a good day bud

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