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Hello everybody,

I posted a description and a few photos of this practical process a few days ago. Here is a video for a better understanding of what it's all about:

You will find that it works extremely well to attach bands or tubes to pouches, and that it is very easy to set up - providing that you are able to insert wood blocks between the vice jaws in some way or another, based on the internal shape between the vice jaws.

Tools and accessories you will need for this project:

- A drill and and a 8 to 10 mm drill bit for wood;

- Suitable rounded and flat rasps & files;

- Sandpaper for smooth surfaces and wood sealant (ideally);

- Two pieces of plywood (minimum 15 mm thickness);

- Two screw-operated clamps to hold the wood blocks in place between the table mounted vice jaws;

- Two spring-operated clamps with rubberized ends to hold the pouch and the ends of the flat bands.

The second part of the video shows how to assemble the basic structure; very straightforward indeed.

This is flat band to pouch attachment made easy, quite literally.

Give it a try... :hmm:


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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