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I title it like this because my favorite story to tell isn't my best hunting outing, but what I did was the coolest (in my opinion) that I did. I was target shooting a bit with my .357/.38 special revolver, and I started to hear a squirrel bark. I loaded up with .38 special FMJ and decided to track this squirrel down, as it was in season so why not. I got within 30 yards and I spotted her, she bounced off of some young growth to an old dead tree that was barked so I could see her pretty easy. I crept about 10-12 yards closer and she did the "freeze before they see me" thing. I cocked and shot. She didn't react. I cocked it once more and fired again. She didn't react. So I started to creep again, and as I did, she fell from the tree. I tell this story because small game seasons are going to be opening in NC here in a few weeks and I'm pumped.

*Edit: this was taken last year during squirrel season. Forgot to add that.

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