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My latest homebuild is a cousin of Joey J5's Cricket (built with kind permission - thank you Joey!). This is a derivative with slightly wider forks and different styling cues. For all intents and purposes though, it's a Cricket and I know it will behave like one as the offset angle and hold are the same. The styling for this one-off build was however taken in a different direction. I had an idea for an ergo and I thought it would look nice if I went for classic lines... Also, I didn't want to mess with the distinct J5 styling that should only be reserved for thoroughbreds!

To be honest, I regretted undertaking another full ergo midway thru the build... Though I did learn how to shape these better (I think), it's just so tedious... I probably won't do another offset ergo for a while... at least until I forget the pain of doing one

This Cricket's Cousin has a phenolic core with vulcanised paper liners and brass pins. The wood is a cheap and abundant Nyatoh. Finished with BLO followed by Minwax Antique Oil Finish and good ol' finishing wax. I am quite happy with the lustre I got out of this one though I did leave a few scratches carelessly missed .

Thanks for taking a look!
Made nice work of that purple heart

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