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Yesterday I got my custom PP from Joey J5. I told Joey that I wanted it to be OTT and green and black in color. As for the rest, I didn't have anything particular in mind and told him to use his imagination. Man am I glad Joey has a great imagination! Made up of green and black layered G10. The palm swells are clear resin with a slice of cholla cactus on one side, and the other has cholla in a cloudy blue resin with aluminum shavings for added effect. Fit and finish are outstanding. I was surprised at how small it really is. Pictures made it seems bigger and a bit chunky, but it is very slim.Will easily fit in a shirt pocket and you would probably forget it's there. I have fairly large hands and it is super comfortable to hold. I am extremely happy with the result! I stayed up until 3am shooting it! Banded with 6.5" active TBG and a micro fiber pouch. Was spitting out 3/8 steel with authority and accurately. I was able to move my indoor range back to 24 feet. I was shooting at my usual 2" x 2" leather target and I'm happy and proud to say that I did not miss that target once during my shooting session! Joey is extremely easy going and a pleasure to work with. Can't recommend him or his products enough!

Joey has more pics posted in the General section, but here's a couple...

Vertebrate Natural material Green Eyewear Creative arts

Green Art Creative arts Dishware Serveware


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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