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Custom TTF Pocket Parasite!

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**not for sale** Hey guys! I finished up this sweet custom TTF Pocket Parasite for a order!! The customer is a professional fly tyer and a flyfisherman ! .. I was asked to put 2 of his favorite flies inside crystal clear void free resin swells he sent me the 2 flies along with a bunch more awesome flies for me to use!! .. I is a dry fly the other is a nymph for subsurface fishing ! The core of this build was constructed with dayglow yellow g10 to match the dry fly . and white g10 ! .. Has a custom J5 badge .. Brass lanyard sleeve and black g10 pin! And matching lanyard bead!! . headed for Belgium !!! Thanks for looking guys !

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Wow J that is cool the day glow just sets it off man it’s a poppin fly sling bro . Always love your frames Man U have such talent ! U never seem to get stale with your build your always thinking of new ways to do them up looking forward to seeing more M8
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