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I go forks towards you with the bands tired to the inside of the forks. I put a tube over the fork tips first and tie the flats off to that. That way the tips are covered by rubber

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Thanks! I do the same thing with covering the fork tips in rubber. I just cut the factory rubber tubes off at the end of the fork. This gives me a good surface with which to tie the flat bands.

I tie mine on top of the forks "OTT" I guess. It seems as though you tie your's TTF.

I was amazed at how accurately this set-up launches paintballs. Makes a decent hammer grip slingshot. Thinking about removing the grip entirely and making an ergo out of the metal frame. May try removing the tubes, soaking them in alcohol and pushing them all the way down on the frame. That will also give me a surface to pinch grip. Our local Wally World sells F-16's for $4.95 each.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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