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I currently have 4 Dankung SS slingshots. The General II, the Fox Metal, the Jungle Hunter and a Camo Hunter. All of the stainless steel knives I own will stick to a magnet, why won't these stainless steel slingshots respond to a magnet? The Fox won't respond at all. The General just slightly, also the Jungle Hunter, and the camo just slightly more. Can anyone out there who knows metal properties answer? They are great slingshots and I reallly love shooting them, especially when you make your own tubes up for your own style. The Camo hunter seems to be cast as there remains a casting line? Are they all cast ? Haven't seen one yet that is bent from rod. I think the custom sizes might be? Maybe danny is the best one to answer my questions?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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