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Both Dankung and GZK appear to source their slingshots from similar Chinese suppliers as those that provide the sellers at Aliexpress with their stock.

The key difference is that you may well find a particular slingshot model displayed at Dankung or GZK at a much lower price at Aliexpress, with no difference whatsoever in the materials used - bearing in mind that stainless steel or titanium alloy are the best choice in terms of safety.

From my experience, 70% of the items I purchased (including several slingshots) at Aliexpress were almost flawless products.

A very good seller at Aliexpress is PIAO YU, if ever:

Aliexpress also offers free shipping, even if you have to wait 2 to 4 weeks for the package(s) to arrive.

Thus, it is worth comparing products and prices in greater detail. Both GZK and Dankung, while providing a reliable quality service, are a shade expensive in my opinion.
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