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Defining slingshot accuracy

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Just what is accurate shooting? To a hunter, a head shot on a squirrel, halfway up a tree, is accurate shooting. To a trick shot, consistently hitting a quarter, tossed in the air, is accurate shooting. To a tournament shooter, consistently hitting a 4" steel plate, at ten meters, might be accurate shooting. For me, consistently hitting a variety of targets, at unknown ranges, is accurate shooting. However, I think we need a standard of accuracy. The international agreed upon distance for slingshot competition is ten meters. The most obiquitous slingshot target is the pop can. So, I say consistently hitting pop cans, at ten meters, is accurate shooting. What do you think?
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Well, accuracy is very subjective... til it ain't. Haha...

Sure I am a can bashing fool. I am also very aware what's a good day for me may be a bad day for many. Doesn't stop my fun.

ISCOR has a standardized set of test. I hope to pass all one day. Nathan Masters has these goals for shooters to reference on Slingshot ... broad side of a barn, paper plate, a can, and then spinners... like those tournament sized spinners.

I've been doing a same sling challenge on paper to gauage and improve my accuracy... because shooting ia always fun, but hitting is more fun.

My goal is consistently hitting/grouping inside a 10cm (4") circle at 10m... but my bull's eye is 12mm (1/2") and hitting that feel awesome!

Day 5 and I hit the bull 2x... same day.

So no matter your accuracy and fun level... there's room for more.

Did anyone catch the 2 best Chinese shooters at 15m playing knockdown.

I'd wager half my collection those 2 guys are the best worldwide. They play slingshots like our professional athletes do thwir chosen sports. And while that's impressive... it ain't fun for me. But it may be for some folks.

Cans and stumps and targets of opportunity in the woods... Woooooooooo! Fun stuff. But we tend to forget about the misses and only remember the good shots.

So here is my 2 cents. Same frame and same ere'thing... on paper for a set period of time... AND a limited number of shots.

That 25 shots only with 15 in the circle goal... that makes me focus. I only have 25 shots! Instead a bag of ammo.

See it,
hit it.
I only have this shot.

And take pics. See your progress... or decline if you a slacker like me. Haha...

Great thread.

PS- 10m hitting 6/10 on a can is pretty darn good.
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