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different matereals.

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Hi,i would like to know which matereals work/don't work. light/heavy. strong/weak.
i know titanium is one of the strongest metals in the world and it is extremely light,but i don't know if you can bend it.

Carbon fibre is very strong and very light also.

steel is strong also but is heavy.

bent wire slingshots have a great idea of recycling metal wire and turning them into slingshots. great idea!

wood is light but can be weak,multiplex is virtually unbreakable and i think light.
hardwood is light and pretty strong.
pine is weak/dont use it.

G-10 don't know very much about this matereal i think it is strong.

tell me about different matereals.!
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I like a certain weight. To me, a slingshot should weigh between 400 and 800 gramms. I can hold it more steady that way.

A great material - if you have welding gear - is steel tube. Just the right weight, and very sturdy.
I've made them in:

  • All steel - over engineered, requires coating.
  • Steel sandwiched in wood - You can do a full tang or a hidden tang.
  • Steel with wood, nickel and teflon fittings
  • G10 - very rigid, hard to cut. Weight depends on how thick it is.
  • Carbon fibre - very rigid, hard to cut. Weight depends on how thick it is.
  • Micarta or tuffnol - a good balance
  • Denim in polyester resin - a bit bendy, but seemed strong enough.
  • All wood - depending on what wood, what condition, what thicknss and what part of the tree, can be very strong.
  • Acrylic - would snap sharply, so make it thick
  • Polycarbonate - may creep, but a good choice.
Weight is a matter of preference. Some like heavy, some light. Light is good if you're carrying a lot of gear long distances or want to hang it from your belt. Heavy can give a solid and steady feel to it. Stabilisers achieve more stability per additional weight, but are bulky and can look so 'pro' that you'd better shoot straight if you show up at a tourney or friendly shoot.

I like the idea of titanium with tungsten stabilisers!
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I blued my wire frames and have shot them almost 10 years. I think that they will last me for as long as I want to shoot, but don't shoot in the rain though. I have shot bands pulling about 30 pounds on them with out any problems. I am sure that they would handle even heavier pulling rubber, but the way my slots are set up, it will not fit. I never shoot anything heavier than my express bands (16 pounds) anyway. -- Tex
I would like an aluninium slingshot but cant get them,could anyone help me how to make one from a wet sand mould.?
thanks for the answers.
Hogan's Castings -- site vendor here.
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