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I have been making pouches with a leather jacket I got off ebay,the jacket leather is thin but strong so I cut a sheet out folded it in half and glued it,then cut several out the feel is so different as it is thin you can feel and grip the ammo easily, the pouch I am testing has had over 1200 shots through it and is still going strong they dont look to bad either
I've used jacket leather (not motor-bike jackets, that's cow-hide) I folded it once and sewed around the edge, I couldn't tell you the number of shots it's had but I used Thera-gold and simply sliced a hole in the sides (instead of a hole punch) not only has it lasted without a stretch or tear but it's very easy on the fingers and has a very snug fit; I think the nature of it being a double layer pouch, means it has more room for maneuver, so it grips well and is still light. I would recommend it in your arsenal, it's definitely my nicest pouch.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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