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First post btw. I took a bit of a hiatus from slingshots after moving to condo in the city for a couple years. Came back to it a few weeks ago and found out about "chinese style" frameless while lurking the forums which immediately grabbed my interest.

Watched a few videos and practiced my draw and release with soft lightweight stuff, all was well. Once I got comfortable I tried with 6mm steel and took a hit within my first 2 dozen shots. it hurt initially, and left a welt but it didn't last very long. Corrected my form and hasn't happened since.

I do get the occasional slap but it's nothing you wouldn't experience with regular frames.Took me a couple bands to find the right size but once it's dialed in it's super fun, it I've barely touched my actual slingshots, I just want to get better at frameless.

In conclusion I'd say just try it and work with what you're comfortable with til you develop consistency and confidence and work your way up to stronger bands and bigger ammo.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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