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Sorry to butt in again, but I read every bodies posts, and every one seems so concerned with proving that a slingshot is not a TOY, what's wrong with a toy? for children or adults, we need toys, we crave toys, it is a natural need in the human species to play. My slingshots are my toys (my swords too), going out into the woods and shooting at trees with my girlfriend and our dog is my play, and I enjoy it immensely . Maybe it is a serious weapon in some hands (more power to you Joerg!!) but whats so wrong with it still being a toy it stands now it is underestimated, it's fun, it's cheap, let everyone start seeing it as a serious tool or weapon and you start having the powers that be looking to get their cut...every forked limb will be taxed and every latex band will be cost a fortune.
+1...well put!
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